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Toy Bag #2, Toys -- No Assembly Required
Toy Bag #2


Fantasy Ball
Fantasy Ball
Original Style


1. Toy Bag #2, Toys for Mid-Sized Birds
-- No Assembly Required

Price: $36.95
(Purchase separately for $49.00)

Fantasy Ball hanging toy and 16 more toys.  
The Fantasy Ball is our #1 toy for greys.

Recommended for mid-sized birds like greys, amazons, eclectus parrots, and small cockatoos.

COLOR:  Original Multi-Color - Default


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Toy Bag #4 with foraging toys
Toy Bag #4

Cone Foraging Toys
Cone Foraging Toy
Bird can see inside
the cone.

Tamale Set - Food grade corn husks and cotton rope
Tamale Kit 

2. Toy Bag #4 , Foraging Toys for Mid-Sized Birds (Grey, Amazon, Small Cockatoo, Eclectus, etc.) 
For for smaller birds, select "Small Bird" option.

Price $49.95
(Purchase separately for $55.85.  Save 11%.)

ncludes (See info in rows below about toys):
 --  Two PVC foraging tubes
     (-inch wide and -inch wide tube sizes)
--  One cone foraging toy
     (pick foot toy or hanging toy option)
--  Tamale kit
     (makes 30-50 chewable foraging toys)

Recommended for small birds, mid-sized birds, and some large birds.

Select Bird Size
Mid Sized Birds (cone toy = foot toy) - Default 
Small Birds (cone toy = hanging toy with
     leather lace)

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Hanging Cone Toy
with Leather Lace

Toy Bag #4 for Small birds ** With hanging cone toy

Little birds need the hanging version of the cone toy. 
It hangs from a bird safe leather lace (vegetable tanned).

Small birds can't hold the bolt version of the cone toy
in their foot like a bigger birds can. 
The hanging cone toy is a cone toy with a leather lace
 - - - Cone is 2 in. high
Some larger birds like this hanging version of the cone toy.  They can also use the bolt version of the toy.  Our Goffin's cockatoo (seen in this photo) likes both the bolt version and the hanging version of this toy.
Clearly Fun PVC Foraging Toys Foraging Tubes  - -inch or -inch wide inside tube diameter sizes (with 7/16-inch holes)Clear PVC tube with holes in the side of the tube (so your bird can reach what's in the tube) and white tube caps.  Fill the tube with a little bit of food (wet or dry), some treats, or toy parts so your bird can forage.  (Peanuts in the shell are fun.)  Tube is easy to fill and wash.
Cone Foraging Toy -- Large, 2" high, transparent plastic cone with an acrylic washer, bead, and stainless steel bolt with a wing nut.
Tamale Toy Supplies -- 6 oz. package of corn husks (about 50) and cotton rope.  
INSTRUCTIONS to Make Tamale Toys:  Use 1-2 corn husks per tamale wrap up.  Place a small amount of food or treats in the middle of the corn husk, then roll or
fold up the corn husk and tie with cotton rope.  Place in your bird's food dish or hang from a skewer or link.  (These instruction will come with you order.)
Wood Foraging Set
Foraging Set

Small cockatoo (Goffin's) with Bagel Bite (tube) with an almond stuck in the end.  Makes a great foraging toy!
Birdie Bite Tubes 
(3" long X 1" wide)
Put nuts inside the tube. 
Your bird will love it!

3. Wood Foraging Set
Price: $25.95
Purchase separately for $28.07 (save 9%).

Includes a variety of wood and cardboard
foraging toys.  

Recommended for all sizes of birds.

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Durability: 2-3, Destructible to Durable

Foraging Sampler
Foraging Sampler

Paper Cups and Cones
Paper Cups & Cones
100 per package

4. Foraging Sampler Bag
Price: $24.95
Purchase separately for $27.95 (save 11%).

Sample pack lets you see how your bird responds
to a variety of foraging toys.


  • Stack of paper cones (100)
  • Paper bags (6)
  • Tamale kit (makes 30+ chewable foraging toys)
  • Wood Treat Tubes (12)
  • Birdie Bagel Bites (3-inch long, 3 tubes)
  • Treats (nuts and food grade cinnamon sticks)

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Durability: 1-2, Easily Destructible-Destructible

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