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Fantasy Ball with an African Grey
Fantasy Ball

Two baby greys with a Fantasy Ball.  One was distracted by the camera and came to investigate.
Two baby greys with
Fantasy Ball

Current color of original style Fantasy Ball
Fantasy Ball

1. Fantasy Ball Hanging Toy
Price: $27.95
Colors: Multi-color

Make your bird's wildest toy dreams come true with the Fantasy Ball! 

MOST POPULAR TOY.  The Fantasy Ball is our #1 selling toy for greys!  They are fascinated with the colors, shapes, and fasteners.  Even timid birds like it!  See what other bird owners said in toy reviews.

DESCRIPTION.  Fantasy Ball is a sphere structure with lots of plastic pieces to take apart plus alphabet letters and beads on the hanger.  Wood ball center and strung on Paulie Rope (bird safe).  The ball portion is 5˝ inches wide.   See sizing recommendation.  

DURABILITY.  The Fantasy Ball is a destructible toy.  Some birds take it apart in an afternoon.   After it's taken apart, give your bird the pieces in a toy dish for more fun after the toy is taken apart.  The toy will last longer if it is hung outside the cage (so the bird has to work through the bars to take it apart).

  • Available in Toy Bag #2 with 14 foot toys. 
    See Quick Shop.  

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Fantasy Ball toy contains wood parts and is not returnable for infection control reasons.

Durability = 2, destructible
Safety Info: No metal parts; all plastic and wood.

Sizing Suggestions: 
 The Fantasy Ball is fine for ALL SIZES of birds.  It is a destructible toy.

  • SMALL BIRDS -- The original style is fine for little birds. 

  • MEDIUM BIRDS -- Original is best for mid-sized birds (greys, amazons, small
    cockatoos, etc.). 

  • LARGE BIRDS -- Safe but very destructible.

Chew Sticks
Chew & Peel Stick™
2 inches long
chew toys shown with 1 inch plastic ring for size comparisin
2 inch long sticks Shown with 1 inch ring for size comparison
2. Magic Chew and Peel Sticks™ 
Price $1.40 for a 4-pack (35˘ each) or 
         $13.95 for 50-pack (10 free)

Watch the magic when your bird makes this chew toy disappear!  Paper stick (safe, human food-grade) with natural wood handle.  Each stick is approximately 2 inches long.



Do not take me to shopping cart
 Cannot be returned.       

Customer Reviews of Fantasy Ball Toy

This customer told us what her grey thought of the toy:
Send more Fantasy Balls!  My Timneh had more fun than he's ever had in his entire 19-month life.  He grunted and play growled the entire time he was taking it apart!

Another customer bought two Fantasy balls for her grey.  
He played with the first one non-stop all day until he took it apart piece-by-piece.  I gave him the second one the following day but took it away after a couple hours, planning to give it to him a couple hours a day over several days.  He cried until I gave him back his toy!  He's happy now.

Other customers - especially those with TIMID GREYS - tell us their birds are very curious about the Fantasy Ball and not afraid of it.  

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