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Safety Testing: Test bird (Goffin's cockatoo) has played with this toy daily for several years without any damage to the tube.  It's one of her favorite toys and she is rough with this toy.

click photo to enlarge
Duncan attacks 
the caterpillars
Duncan digs in -- mine, they're ALL mine!!!
Caterpillar Toys
Duncan (Senegal)
with bowl of bugs.
Mine, ALL mine!!!

caterpillar close up view
Cute faces.
This is a boy. 
The 'girls' have 
hair barrettes!


1. Caterpillar Puzzle Foot Toy
Price: $6.95/6 toys or $11.95 for 12 toys

 These plastic caterpillars are bright colored and have cute faces.  They're 3" long and parrots love to pull
them apart.  They come already assembled.  Assorted colors.

, $6.95 - Default 
12-pack, $11.95 

Quantity (6 or 12 per package)

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Durability = destructible

A woman told us her two African greys each grabbed an end of the caterpillar toy and pulled it apart just like it was a real bug!

click photo to enlarge

dinosaur puzzles - assembly required
Dinosaur Toys

2. Dinosaur Puzzles, 12-pack
Price: $6.95 for 12 toys

Another toy for birds to take apart.  Each dinosaur
is an inch to inch and a half long/high.
Put it together or give your bird the pieces.  

Very popular with small and mid sized birds!

Quantity (12 per package)
       Assembly required.

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Durability = 2, destructible

Springy Thing Toys
Springy Thing Toys
3. Springy Thing Toys
Price: $6.95 for 4-Pack

A fun shaped spring, plastic bead, and some tiny springs on a plastic loop make a colorful and fun toy for mid sized birds.


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Durability:  2, destructible 
Recommended for small to medium-large birds.

 Mini Plastic Nuts and Bolts
Mini Bolts

Bolt is hollow and one end is removable (see upper left in photo).

4. Mini Plastic Nut & Bolt, 6-pack
Price: $4.95 for 6-pack

Fantastic toy for birds that like to take toys
apart!  Bolt is 1" long with a plastic wing nut. 
The bolt is hollow and the toy can be hung on
skewer or leather laces.


Do not take me to shopping cart

Nut and Bolt = 2, destructible

Plastic Pacifiers
1--inch long =

6 colors

yellow, orange,  green,
light green,
blue, and pink

5.Pacifiers, Medium (1- inch)
Price:  40 each or $2.19 for 6
  COMPARE to other stores' prices of 50 to 75 each!

These are very durable for their size because of
the way the handle attaches to the base of the pacifier.  (Stronger than jumbo size pacifiers.)

Single Pacifier 40 - Default
All 6 colors - 1 each for $2.19

Quantity  (one or six)

Do not take me to shopping cart

Durability = 4, very durable

0.47-inch X 0.86-inch

= 12mm X 22mm

6 colors
red, yellow,
blue, pink,
purple, and clear

6.Pacifiers, Small (12mm X 22mm)
Price:  $3.95/24-pack

These are so cute.  Less than an inch long
(12mm X 22mm).

Select Colors (only one option)
All 6 colors, 4 each = 24 for $3.95 - Default

Quantity  (24 per package)

Do not take me to shopping cart

Durability = 2, destructible

Tiny Gel Color Rings
Size:  to inch
4 ounces/package

7. Tiny Gel Rings, 4 oz. with about 230 rings
Price $4.95 per package 

Lots of little rings.  Size is between to inch.  They look like little gel color Lifesavers candies!


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