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plastic tops -- great toy base (see sample)
Plastic Tops


1. Plastic Tops
Price: 2 tops/$1.50 or
12/$7.95 (save $1.05) 

Easy toy base.  Durable hard plastic.  Size is 1 inches wide and 1 inches high. 

Add beads, pacifiers, rope, and leather to make a fun top toy.  See instructions at the bottom of this section.
Plastic Tops - 2 tops/$1.50 - Default
Plastic Tops - 12 tops/$7.95


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Durability: 4, very durable

acrylic washers, 2.5 inch wide with hole for 1/4-inch bolt
Clear Color Acrylic Washers,
2.5 inch
Colors: orange, yellow, blue, and purple.   

2. Acrylic Washers, 2.5 inch
Price $3.95 each

Clear colored acrylic washers.  Size is 2 wide
and -inch thick.  Has a hole that is just right for
a -inch bolt (just a tiny bit larger than -inch). 

Use as cage protectors.  Use two on EACH end
of the perch (so that one is inside and one is
outside the cage) -- instead of metal washers. 
RESULT is no damage to the paint on the cage. 
Don't know about your situation, but my bird's
cage cost a lot and I don't want it scratched.

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Durability = 5, indestructible

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