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Toy Bag #2, Toys -- No Assembly Required
Toy Bag #2


Fantasy Ball
Fantasy Ball
Original Style


1. Toy Bag #2, Toys for Mid-Sized Birds
-- No Assembly Required

Price: $36.95
(Purchase separately for $49.00)

Fantasy Ball hanging toy and 16 more toys.  
The Fantasy Ball is our #1 toy for greys.

Recommended for mid-sized birds like greys, amazons, eclectus parrots, and small cockatoos.

COLOR:  Original Multi-Color - Default


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Wood Foraging Set
Foraging Set

Small cockatoo (Goffin's) with Bagel Bite (tube) with an almond stuck in the end.  Makes a great foraging toy!
Birdie Bite Tubes 
(3" long X 1" wide)
Put nuts inside the tube. 
Your bird will love it!

Wood Foraging Tubes
with Caps

2. Wood Foraging Set
Price: $25.95
Purchase separately for $28.07 (save 9%).
Includes a variety of wood and cardboard
foraging toys.  

Recommended for all sizes of birds.

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Durability: 2-3, Destructible to Durable

Foraging Sampler
Foraging Sampler

Paper Cups and Cones
Paper Cups & Cones
100 per package

3. Foraging Sampler Bag
Price: $24.95
Purchase separately for $27.95 (save 11%).

Sample pack lets you see how your bird responds
to a variety of foraging toys.


  • Stack of paper cones (100)
  • Paper bags (6)
  • Tamale kit (makes 30+ chewable foraging toys)
  • Wood Treat Tubes (12)
  • Birdie Bagel Bites (3-inch long, 3 tubes)
  • Treats (nuts and food grade cinnamon sticks)

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Durability: 1-2, Easily Destructible-Destructible

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