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    Phone: 254 - 301 - 2620
     During normal business hours (central time zone).  Located in Waco, Texas.

We can be reached via e-mail at   kit @ birdsjustwannahavefun.com
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* Frequently Asked Questions
   * 1. Why We Started the Business 
   * 2. Why We're Online Only (No Printed Catalog)
   * 3. How We Decide What to Carry in the Store
   * 4.  How We're Different
   * 5. Visit or Pick Up in Waco, TX

* Memberships & Community Service
* Business References 
* About the Owner


FAQ 1.  Why We Started the Business ... 
New Bird.
We bought our first larger bird, a cockatoo.  While we waited for her to be weaned, we started shopping for toys.

  • HARD TO FIND TOYS & PARTS.  We went from store to store and even online stores
    but we weren't happy with the selection, quality, and price of bird toys for mid-
    sized and larger birds.  Safe toys and toy parts were hard to find.  

  • PET STORES HAD POOR SELECTION.  Pet stores didn't have much (if anything) for larger birds.  What they did have was expensive and often unsafe (zinc, S-hooks,
    bent wires, unsafe rope, etc.).

  • ONLINE CATALOGS WEREN'T GREAT EITHER.  The online stores were better but the selection of toy parts was limited and you couldn't ever pick your colors.  Often
    they listed items that were out of stock.  The first we knew something was "back ordered" was when our order arrived with several items missing!  The extra
    shipping for backordered items added a lot to the cost of the toys!

  • We thought we could do better.

    • We stock a large selection of safer toy parts in addition to lots of fun and
      unique toys (many are our own design).

    • We let you pick the color part you want.  If there isn't a specific color choice beside the item, tell us in special instructions and we'll do our best to give
      you your first choice.

    • We update inventory levels daily.  If it's on our web page, there's almost a
      100% chance the item you want is in stock.  If it's not, we let you know
      right away and work with you to get you what you need, when you need it, at the best price.

FAQ 2.  Why Our Web Site is Our Catalog ...

  • COST.  We can't maintain both a web site and a paper catalog and keep our prices
  • CURRENT.  We revise the web site frequently.  You can't do that with a paper
  • INTERNET ACCESS.  Most customers have access to the web or have a friend or
    relative who can help them. 

FAQ 3.  How We Decide What to Carry in the Store ... 

  • EDUCATIONAL & UNIQUE.  We try to bring you many "classic" items but, mostly, we
    try to offer bird toys and parts you won't find in other stores.  
  • SAFETY. We won't carry items that aren't as safe as possible. However, there is no such thing as a 100% safe bird toy.  Select toys that are appropriate for your bird
    and supervise your bird with any new toy and all potentially  risky toys.
  • SIZE.  Most of the items we carry are for mid-sized (such as African greys, Amazons, small cockatoos, etc.) and larger birds.  
  • SUGGESTIONS?  If you want us to consider a new item, contact us.

FAQ 4.  How We're Different ... 

  • TOY DESIGN.  Most toys are our own design and/or items you won't find in other stores.  They are as safe as possible.  We carry only bird safe materials and strive
    to inform our customers about bird toy safety.
  • CUSTOMER SERVICE.  We treat you like we would want to be treated.  
  • STOCK AVAILABILITY POSTED DAILY.  We hate to order something only to be told
    it's backordered.  We constantly update availability of merchandise and confirm
    your order within one business day (rare exceptions when we're out of town for
    a show).
    • If something you order isn't available, we call or e-mail you to ask how you
      want us to handle your order.
  • CREDIT CARDS SECURITY AND PRIVACY.  We are extremely careful with your credit card and personal information.  We don't share it except to process your order and
    if required for law enforcement. 
  • ZERO FRAUD.  Other stores build the cost of bad check and fraudulent credit card fraud into their prices.  We have very tight procedures to prevent fraud.  This includes 100% address verification (matching your shipping address to your
    credit card billing address).  If you want your order sent to an alternate
    address such as work or a family member, that's fine.  We just ask you to
    contact your bank that issued the card at the number on the back of your
    card to add the information.
  • SHIPPING COSTS.  Your shipping cost is only what it costs us to send your package.   (Not just the cost of the postage.  We have to pay labor too.)  Companies that offer "free shipping" simply build the cost of shipping into their prices or go out of business. 
    • Order Confirmation.  The shopping cart sends an order confirmation by
      E-mail within minutes of when you place your online order.  (If you don't
      get this notice, please CALL US.)  
    • Shipping Notices.  You get additional notices when your package ships. 
    • Personal Shopper.  We provide a personalized help.  Tell us about your bird
      and the amount you want to spend.  We'll give you a suggested shopping list.  
    • Toy Making Ideas.

FAQ 5.  Visit or Pick Up in Waco...

  • VISIT/SHOP.  We get requests to visit the store from people in the Waco area or
    people passing through.  
    • Our work and storage areas are "clean rooms" so the toys you receive are
      clean and do not present an infection control risk to your birds.  We can't
      allow non-employees in the work areas.  Also, our insurance policy does
      not permit customers in the work areas.
    • If you need an order fast and you're in the area, we can usually arrange
      fast  delivery by Post Office Mail (usually next day delivery). 

Memberships and Community Service...

    • Austin, Texas -- Capital City Cage Bird Club.  
      President (2003), librarian (2001-2002), alternate membership chair,
      and back up speaker.
    • San Antonio, Texas -- Alamo Exhibition Bird Club (AEBC).  Member and
      alternate delegate to American Federation of Aviculture Convention, 2002.
    • American Federation of Aviculture - member and alternate club delegate
    • MENTOR.  Owner assists small businesses with start-up and business operations.  She has also mentored high school and college students.
      (including FEMA disaster courses) volunteer for regional disaster
      response and community education about animal disaster preparedness. 
    • DONATIONS.  
      • Austin and San Antonio birds clubs, Parrot Festival (Houston, TX),
        Long Island (NY) Parrot Society (LIPS), African Parrot Society (for
        cape parrot preservation).  Also donated raffle items.
      • Charlie's Bird House (for handicapped birds), Texas.  Donate toys
        and supplies.  Helen Fahlsing, P.O. Box 1044, Gatesville, TX 76528;
        254-865-5831, birdangel@hotmail.com
      • Parrot Festival sponsored speakers: Dr. Scott Echols (2003),
        Mattie Sue Athan (2004), and Sally Blanchard (2004).
      • Parrot Quest (Tulsa, OK, June 2003).  Corporate sponsor. 
      • Oklahoma Aviculture Society.  Sponsored speaker, Dr. Irene
        Pepperberg (with Alex the African grey), June 2004.
      • GREY PoopON CHALLENGE 2001 supporting the funding of
        Proventricular Dilatation Disease (PDD) research.

REFERENCES - You are welcome to contact these organizations and individuals
to ask what they think of us and our toys. 

  • Bird Clubs in Texas & Oklahoma - call the president or a bird club officer. 
  • National Parrot Rescue and Preservation Foundation  (NPRPF) in Houston, Texas.  Contact any of the officers or members. 
  • Bird Behavior Consultants
    • Mattie Sue Athan (OK) at PositivelyParrots.com
    • Pamela Clark (CA) at Parrothouse.com/pamelaclark/index.htm
    • Liz Wilson (PA)  at www3 .upatsix.com/liz/ 
      (copy the URL and remove the space after www3)
    • Barbara Heidenreich at goodbirdinc.com
  • Companion Parrot Quarterly - Sally Blanchard and her staff. 
  • Better Business Bureau (BBB) - We are not a member but you may contact BBB
    about any company.    
    • We did join BBB several years ago and then we read the fine print.  We
      were only allowed to say we were a member in the Austin area.  We could
      not mention it in publications (except local ones) and not on the web site. 
      The cost is an application fee of $360/year (for just local), and online membership is an additional $170/year.  That was the cost about ten years
      ago.  Don't know the cost now.
    • It was too much to pay for such limited coverage.  We ended our
      membership in good standing with BBB.  As far as we know, there have
      never been any complaints filed.

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Owner of Birds Just Wanna Have Fun About the Owner ... 
Kit Manchester is a former senior healthcare executive who wanted more "balance."   See Modern Healthcare March 5, 2001 article, "Health Exec Just Wants to Have Fun."  
Why We Do It ...  

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