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Hangers    Leather     Plastic     Wood    


Small toy hanger, 1-1/4 inch ball for up to 1 inch cage bar spacing
Toy Hangers
Coin is US Quarter

Toy Hangers & Chewable Hangers (Skewers)
All stainless steel hardware.
Coin in photo is a US quarter.
Toy Hangers,
small ball - $8.95
large ball - $10.95

chewable hangers come in three sizes
Chewable Hangers

Toy Hangers & Chewable Hangers (Skewers)
All stainless steel hardware.

Chewable Hangers,
small ball, 11" skewer - $8.95
large ball, 11" skewer - $12.95


Leather laces -- the top two laces are 1/8-inch
Top 3 - 1/8-inch
Bottom - 1/4-inch
Leather Butterflies (vegetable tanned leather)
Cards are 3 by 5-inch
Leather Washers
Coin is US Quarter
Leather Laces
$1.50 per lace -- 1/8-inch wide X 36-inch long
$14.95/12 laces -- 1/8-inch wide X 36-inch long

Extra Wide Lace
$2.50 per lace -- 1/4
-inch wide X 36-inch long
Leather Butterflies
5˘, 49˘, and 99˘ each

Leather Washers

50˘ each
Plastic - Parts and Toys
plastic tops -- great toy base (see sample) acrylic washers, 2.5 inch wide with hole for 1/4-inch bolt  
Tops - $1.50/2 or $7.95/12 Acrylic Washers
$3.95 each
Plastic Pacifiers


Pacifiers - Medium
 - 40˘ each or $2.19 for 6
Pacifiers - Small
 - $3.95 per 24-pack


Wood - Parts and Toys
alphabet blocks PVC tube toy with toothpicks

Wood Slices
 - $12.95 to $59.95

Wood Alphabet Blocks 
ABC Beads - $4.95/18 
 - Medium 0.79-inch (20mm)

Wood Toothpicks
800 toothpicks per box
 - $5.95

Foot toy for your bird -- natural wood scoop is 3 inches long

tiny pacifier foot toy with wood block

foot toy with pacifier and wood baby block

Wood Scoop Foot
Toy, 3 inch
 - $12.95/10 scoops

Wood Alphabet Foot Toy
with Pacifier
 --Made with 15mm blocks
- $5.95 for 6-pack

Wood Alphabet Foot Toy with Pacifier
 -- Made with 25mm blocks
Medium   -
$5.95 for 4-pack

Wood foot toy with leater washer, wood bead, and plastic bead. wood foot toys with springs -- approximately 4 inches long wood wobble foot toy
Small Wood Foot Toy
 - $6.95/set of 3
Large Wood Peg - Large Wood Peg Toy (4 in. long)
 - $3.95 each
Wood Wobble
$5.95 for 4-pack

Nut in box is an almond

Coin is US Quarter
Treat Boxes
$4.95 for 4-pack
Wood Foraging Tubes
with Lids  - $8.95/5-pack
The 1/2-inch PVC tube with toothpicks and sunflower seeds -- YUM!
Clearly Fun™ PVC
Foraging Toy

Wood Toothpicks
$5.95 per box
of 800 toothpicks

The Foraging Tube in this photo (left) has toothpicks in it.

Wood treat cups in two sizes with lids.  Includes stainless steel bolt and wing nut and acrylic washer.  Hardware not included with replacement cups.
Wood Foraging Cup
(the one on the left)
Foraging Tube 
Tube Width = ˝-inch, 3/4-inch, and 1-inch sizes from
$11.95 to $28.95.
Cage Mounted Wood Foraging Cup
Foraging Cup (2˝-inch, holds ˝ cup)
   Price: $8.95 each
              or 6/$44.75 (buy 5, get 1 free)

paper cups and paper cones - foraging toys

Paper Cups or Cones, 100 per package
Price: $5.95  per package
     -- 100 cups, 100 cones, or 50 each
Wood - Beads
square wood beads, 1/2-inch
Square Beads
Coin is US Quarter
wood beads, 14mm, 50-pack
Round Beads
Coin is US Quarter
wood beads, 20mm
Round Beads
Coin is US Quarter
Square Wood Beads   
Square Beads (˝-inch)
˝-inch = 12.7mm
Wood Beads   
Round Beads (14mm)
 - $5.95/50
9/16-inch = 0.551-inch
Wood Beads   
Round Beads (25mm)
 - $11.95/50
1-inch = 0.983-inch
Wood - Spools and Clothes Pins

Large    Small
Coin is US Quarter
3/8" Wood Spool
Tiny Spools
wood clothes pins
Clothes Pins
All Wood
Coin is US Quarter
Wood Spools   
Small Hourglass Spools
  (1-1/4-inch) - $5.95/10
Wood Spools   
Tiny Spools
  (1/2-inch) - $4.95/10
Clothes Pins
All wood (2-
˝-inch long)
 - $8.95/50
SPOOLS         WIDE                         TALL                     HOLE
SMALL SIZE:  7/8-inch diameter       1-1/4-inch tall       1/8-inch hole
TINY SIZE:     3/8-inch diameter       1/2-inch tall          1/8-inch hole

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