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254 - 301  -  2620

E-mail:  Kit @BirdsJustWannaHaveFun.com

Copy e-mail address, then REMOVE the space before the @ in the e-mail address.  We need to put our e-mail address this way to reduce the huge volume of Spam that we receive.

MESSAGE SUBJECT.  Put the clear SUBJECT of your message in the subject line.    For example, don't say "question".  Say something with more details
like, "Question about Adding Machine Toy with Handicapped Birds."  We
delete all messages with a blank subject.  We also delete all messages that
use "Hi" or anything similar as the subject because it's almost always Spam.   

ATTACHMENTS.  We NEVER open E-mails with attachments.

Hours: We're usually in the store from 12 noon until 5 P.M. Central time
from Monday through Friday.  If you miss us, please leave a message.

For security and insurance reasons, we don't post the physical address. 
Our work area is a "clean room" and not open to the public.

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